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Happy Merry Christmas 2018 Image, phots, pictures
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Happy Merry Christmas festival comes every year on 25th December and it is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated all over the world on 25th December with great enthusiasm and fun. It is a very important festival for Christians. Though it is a Christian Festival, it is celebrated by everyone, irrespective of their caste and creed. It was on 25th December that Jesus Christ, son of God, was born. He was born in Bethlehem to mother Mary.
Hence, X-mas tree day bears a great celebration and significance for Christians.

Happy Merry Christmas 2018 Image, phots, pictures
Happy Merry Christmas 2018 Image

X-Mas is a month-long celebration, people decorate their houses. Churches are decorated with lights and other decoratives. People decorate X-Mas trees with bells, baubles, stars, and tinkles, friends and relatives are invited. Gifts and cards are exchanged. On this Christmas Festival, special services are held in the Churches. Beautiful carols are sung. Some people go from house to house, street to street singing carols and a big dinner party, called the Feast, is organized with a special X-Mas Cake. So, Christmas is a festival of joy, happiness and, spreading happiness to all the people.

The story of Christmas and Jesus’ Birthday.

The most wonderful story of all of them… about 2000 years ago, in a small town called Nazareth, there was a little house where lived a young Jewish girl named Mary. She was not married, but she was going to be, really soon, to a good man named Joseph. But, one day something amazing happened! An angel of Lords, Gabriel, a very important angel, appeared to Mary.

Question. Mary Asked, “Who are You?”

Answer. Gabriel Said, “I am Gabriel. Don’t be afraid Mary. You have found favor with God. He loves you very much.
God has sent me here to tell you that soon you’ll have a son.
Yes, Son! He will be great and will be called the “Son of God“, and He will be called Jesus. also”

Mary “I am handmade of the Lord. May God do with me as He wants to.”

Mary wanted to do just as God told her to do. Just near the time Mary was about to have her Baby, the Roman emperor sent soldiers to announce a new law. The emperor Caesar Augustus said that all you need to pay is some taxes now and register for a census. So, Mary and Joseph made their way to Bethlehem because that’s where Joseph had to pay taxes.

It was about 65 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem and the trip took many many days. and when they reached Bethlehem, they saw all the places were full! All the inns were full!

Joseph said “Mary, you wait here and make yourself comfortable. By then, I will try to find a suitable place for us to stay.”

Take a break and read the  Pope Francis’s tweet which is dedicated to Merry Christmas 2018.

Joseph kept knocking and knocking, again and again. He had been looking and looking for a place to stay, and Mary was about to have a baby!

Joseph said to Mary, “Well, I have tried almost all the inns and it looks like all of them are full.

Dear Mary, How do you Feel?”

Mary said, “I am very tired Joseph. But please don’t worry. I am sure, God will provide a place for us!”

Poor Joseph and Mary were so tired and didn’t know what to do.

Joseph prayed to God, “Oh God! Tell me what to do.

Help me God, I have no idea, no clue!”

It’s sad that Mary and Joseph had no place to stay! No place to go!

A place no one would have expected the son of God to be born in. It wasn’t a palace neither some castle nor in a fancy building either.
God’s son was born in a humble small stable!

Joseph said to Mary “I will go and get some fresh hay where you can sleep comfortably tonight.”

On that Night Jesus was born, and Oh! it was a wonderful night. Big stars were shining and shining in the sky.
There was no crib, so they laid baby Jesus in a Manger, It was full of fresh hay and made it a little more comfortable for the baby.

Near Bethlehem, that night there were some shepherds keeping a watch over the flocks of sheep.
When suddenly an angel appeared to them. Angel said to shepherds, “I have a good news for you. There is a savior who has been born.”

Shepherds said “What?”, “Really?”, “What Saviour?”, “Can we see him?”, “Where is he?”

The angel told them where to find him.
The shepherds were very excited and happy.

Shepherds ran to the stable and found Jesus there. Just as the angel had told them after they had seen Jesus, they spread the news and everyone who heard was in wonder!

So, Christmas is a festival of great excitement and is especially popular among kids. Kids eagerly wait for X-Mas as they believe that their favorite Santa Claus will visit them at midnight and get various gifts for them.
Hence, X-Mas is a celebration which includes spending time with family, decorating the entire house, and shopping. It is a festival which brings people together.

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