Know the Inspirational Quotes of Swami Vivekananda on his Death Anniversary

Know the Inspirational Quotes of Swami Vivekananda on his Death Anniversary
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Today we will tell you about Swami Vivekananda like his death anniversary, Quotes, Messages etc. The biography of Swami Vivekananda is very interesting, after reading which you will become very motivated. Today the young generation needs new inventions and ideas, and unemployment is still one of the most prominent problems of the country and today the young generation of the country can get a lot of help from the great ideas of Swami Vivekananda. 

About Swami Vivekananda Life History 

Swami Vivekananda was born on 12 January 1863 in Kolkata, his father’s name was Vishwanath Dutt and mother’s name was Bhuvaneshwari Devi.

Before his retirement, Swami Vivekananda’s name was Narendranath Datta and he was also known as Naren, his family was wealthy, noble and famous for generosity and learning. Vishwanath Dutt was an Attorney-at-law in the Kolkata High Court and advocated in the Kolkata High Court, he was a thinker, very liberal, sympathetic to the poor, practical and creative approach in religious and social matters. He was the person to keep. His father believed in Western civilization and he also wanted his son Narendra to follow the path of Western civilization by teaching English. 

Swami Vivekananda Believes in God & Spirituality

Vivekananda was intelligent since childhood and had meditation in God and in spirituality, that is why he first went to Brahmo Samaj, but there his mind was not satisfied and at the same time he met many people to get rid of his religious and spiritual doubts, but his doubts were resolved anywhere.

About Swami Vivekanand in english

Swami Vivekananda Essay: Didn’t get it One day one of his relatives took him to Ramakrishna Paramahansa Swami Ramakrishna Paramahansh asked on seeing Narendra Dutt, can you sing some hymns about religion Narendra Dutt said yes I can sing then Narendra sang two or three hymns in his melodious voice. Swami Paramhansh was very happy after listening to his hymns narrated in me, since then Narendra Dutt started doing satsang to Swami Paramhansh and became his disciple. 

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Swami Vivekananda had become a staunch follower of Vedanta school. Between 1887 and 1892, Swami Vivekananda lived in anonymity, after being in solitude, on a tour of India, on 16 August 1986, Swami Paramhansa went to the world. Swami Vivekananda played an important role in contributing to contribution the prevalence of Vedanta and Yoga in Western culture. Swami Vivekananda was the main and influential spiritual teacher of Vedanta. 

Swami Vivekananda was the Epitome of Genius 

India has about 60 percent youth. Youth has the most energy, there is only a need to put that energy in the right place. Possibilities have many pollen grains within them. If the youth is aware of his rights and goals, then he can change the condition of the country. If he becomes familiar with philosophy, he can change both the direction and condition of his family, society, country and other generations. In the youth, many possibilities result from just one right guidance. Possibilities are those which take the country towards drug-freedom, dowry-freedom, lead towards Satbhakti, towards Sanatan Dharma. Presently the youth are in dire need of this direction. 

National Youth Day is also celebrated on the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. 

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti is celebrated as National Youth Day: The situation of disorientation among the youth is being seen for some time now. The energy which was to be used in the revolution of good ideas is being spent in drug addiction, greed, dishonesty etc. Due to this, they make their own life hell, but they also make the country, society and family life hell. The deviation in any devotion is only due to the lack of guidance and if the guidance is found in the philosophy of philosophy, then there comes a state of luscious gold, that is, the energetic youth, on that too, all that energy collects and looks towards the welfare of human life. 

Swami Vivekananda Explained by Dhruv Rathi

Such youth build a healthy and beautiful society where, apart from drug addiction, bribery, dowry-lust etc., youth engages in true spiritual practice and leaves all these lusts and habits that hinder the progress of the country. The present youth has accepted the purpose of life only to collect money. He is far away from Sanatan Dharma and Vedas and this is where Swami Vivekananda’s purpose ends. Because Swami Vivekananda had elevated the name of Bharatvarsha in the Chicago conference by singing the virtues of Sanatan Dharma and today the youth are away from Dharma-karma. 

Swami Vivekananda did not get the right path, died due to disease 

Swami Vivekananda was rich in intelligence since childhood. After reading only once, he could memorize a book of hundreds of pages by memorization. He had also studied LLB i.e. law, yet spiritual knowledge remained incomplete without a complete Sadhguru. His worshiper was Kali Mata and because of worshiping Krishna ji against scripture, he could not achieve the basic purpose of human life i.e. salvation, due to incurable disease, he went to the hereafter at the age of 39 years only in 1902. 

His guru was Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans, who also died due to throat cancer. Ramakrishna Paramahansa himself was also a great devotee of Kali Devi, along with he also used to worship the incarnations of Rama and Krishna. Swami Vivekananda ji followed the method of devotion prescribed by his guru ji and both died due to disease. Due to being deprived of true devotion, the human life of both of them was in vain, they did not get the Sadguru, who is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj today. For more information read: Spiritual Book “Gyan Ganga” and “Way of Living” 

10 priceless thoughts of Swami Vivekananda 

  1. Live as long as learn, experience is the best teacher in the world. 
  2. The bigger the struggle, the more glorious the victory. 
  3. Concentration is necessary for reading, attention is necessary for concentration. Through meditation we can attain concentration by keeping control over the senses. 
  4. Purity, patience and enterprise – I want these three qualities together. 
  5. Arise and wake up and don’t stop until you achieve your goal. 
  6. Knowledge is present in itself, man only invents it. 
  7. Do one thing at a time, and while doing so put your whole soul in it and forget everything else. 
  8. Unless you believe in yourself, you cannot believe in God. 
  9. Lord Shiva is a symbol of meditation and knowledge, learn lessons to move forward 
  10. Whether people praise you or criticize you, whether the goal is kind to you or not, whether you die today or in the age, you should never be corrupted from the path of justice. 

Swami Vivekananda Quotes & Messages 2023 in English

Swami Vivekanand motivational Quotes and messages
  • “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved”~Swami Vivekananda Quotes 
  • “The greatest sin is to consider yourself weak”~Swami Vivekananda Quote
  • “No one can teach you, no one can make you spiritual. You have to learn everything from within. There is no better teacher than the soul.” – Swami Vivekananda Quote 
  • “Truth can be told in a thousand ways, yet each one will be true”.~Swami Vivekananda Message 
  • “The outer nature is only the greater form of the inner nature”.~Swami Vivekananda Message 2023
  • “All the powers of the universe are already ours. We are the ones who put our hands on our eyes and then weep about how dark it is”.~Swami Vivekananda Quote in English

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