What is VPN & Why is there a demand for BAN in India?

VPN BAN in India Why is there a demand for VPN BAN in India 
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VPN BAN in India: WHAT IS VPN?  VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK may be banned in India soon. The Parliamentary Standing Committee is of the view that VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (VPN) is a threat to combat cyber threats and other nefarious activities.  VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network can be banned in India soon.  VPNs are used by millions of people around the world.  Virtual Private Network is used as an effective tool for secure communication and file transfer over the Internet.  Many companies use this service in India.  It is used by companies to protect their networks and digital assets from hackers. 

VPN BAN in India: VPNs Tools

Even though VPNs are effective tools, new debate has emerged regarding its public use.  According to media reports, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs wants the Indian government to ban the VPN service in the country.  According to the report, the committee has said that Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a threat to combat cyber threats and other nefarious activities.  

According to the committee, VPN apps and tools are readily available online and help criminals hide online.  According to the report, the committee has suggested that VPN service should be banned in the country.  Along with this, the committee wants the ministry to take concrete steps to strengthen the tracking and surveillance mechanism.  Let us know what is there in VPN that the Parliamentary Standing Committee is demanding strict action against it.  Also Read – Pre-registration for PUBG New State will start soon, know everything related to this game 

Why is there a demand for VPN BAN in India?

  • The Parliamentary Standing Committee wants an inquiry into the use of VPNs and the dark web. 
  • It is believed that VPN tools are used for illegal purposes. 
  • The VPN can be downloaded easily.  Many websites are providing and promoting such facilities. 
  • VPN service and dark web can easily bypass cyber security and with the help of these criminals remain unknown persons on online platforms. 
  • There are many free and cheap VPNs out there, which are being used for wrong purposes.  Instead of hiding our data, they are collecting and exposing our data. 

VPN BAN in India News: India Inc upset over proposal to ban VPN 

Many Indian and multinational companies are worried about the proposal of the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Home Affairs to ban Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).  Many companies are using VPN to implement the work from home model in a safe way during Corona.

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This proposal has been given to control cyber crimes.  However, internet policy experts and security researchers say that this is a surprising proposal and it could have a big impact on the data security of financial and multinational companies. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of VPN

Advantages of VPN 

  • The first advantage is that you can open any block website with this.
  • You can change the location of your country, like if Facebook is blocked in China, then you can use Facebook by changing your country location from China VPN. 
  • In the Internet, you get free and paid VPN service, you can also use VPN service for free if you want, there are many apps in Google Playstore that provide VPN service for free. 
  • When you use VPN service, then all the connection is encrypted, so by using this service you can avoid hackers. 

Disadvantages of VPN 

  • Many people believe that no one can catch them by using a VPN, but you cannot completely hide this wrong because your data is present in the VPN server. 
  • Many free VPN services can also misuse your data because they have complete details of what you have accessed. 
  • The biggest disadvantage of VPN is that by using it, hackers are able to hide their identity to a great extent. 
  • If you are running internet using VPN then you will get slow speed because another server is added between you and Google which we call VPN server.

Why not use a free VPN?

Now you must have known what a VPN is and would also like to know whether it should be used or not.  Both free and paid VPN services have your data, whatever you access, such as logging in to your Gmail ID or entering the username and password related to the bank, all these details are in your VPN server. 


More than half of the free VPN services in the Internet work to hack you, so if you are accessing any personal thing or information related to the bank, then you should not use a free VPN.  To access any personal thing or information related to the bank, you should always use the VPN provided by the big company. 

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From the special and common things mentioned above, you must have come to know what VPN is, how VPN works and what are its advantages and disadvantages, so here comes the point about VPN that this service can help you in any place.  Gives a chance to open the website.  By using paid service you can protect yourself from hackers, however if you are using free VPN service then you should not use your personal and bank related username and password in any way.  If you are using paid VPN service, then you can do all the work without any problem.

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