Women’s Equality Day 2023: When and Why Women’s Equality Day is Celebrated?

Women's Equality Day 2021 India Date, Theme, Quotes, History, Facts
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Women’s Equality Day 2023: Women are such a pillar of the society, without which perhaps it is useless to imagine this society.  Women play many roles simultaneously in their life, such as mother, wife, sister, teacher and friend. He knows how to handle every relationship. Women are the ones who teach how to face failures in adversity and move towards success. But in the midst of all this, a question comes in everyone’s mind whether even today women have equal status in every field. 

Women’s Equality Day 2023

Women’s Equality Day 2023 is celebrated every year on 26 August in the world including India to spread awareness about this. Women’s organizations celebrate this day with great enthusiasm across the country.  Along with this, they advocate equal rights of women in many fields including employment, education. 

When is Women’s Equality Day Celebrated?

On 26 August 1920 in America, women got the right to vote for the first time through the 19th Constitutional Amendment.  Along with this, August 26 was celebrated as ‘Women’s Equality Day’ from 1971 to the efforts of Bella Abzug, a woman lawyer who fought for women’s equality status.  Let us tell you that earlier in America, women were given the status of second class citizens. 

History of Women’s Equality Day

History of Women's Equality Day

The movement for women’s suffrage was started in the United States before the Civil War.  If we talk about the decade 1830, then most of the states in America had the right of voter only for rich white men. During this many civil rights movements like slavery, restraint movement, moral movement etc. were growing very fast.  Women played a very important role in these movements. 

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Then in 1848 a group of abolitionists formed in Seneca Falls, New York.  This group discussed the problems of women and their rights.  The special thing is that some men were also included in this group.  Soon this movement started moving forward very fast, but with time the speed of this movement also decreased. 

After this, the fight for women’s rights in America, starting from 1853, won in 1920. Apart from this, women in India got the right to vote during the British rule. 

Objective of Women’s Equality Day

Objective of Women's Equality Day

The special purpose of celebrating this day is that women empowerment is promoted.  Along with this, awareness has to be spread on many issues like discrimination, rape, acid attacks, foeticide.  By the way, in today’s time, women are making their name bright in every field. 

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Women’s Equality Day Quotes in English 

The purpose of celebrating this day is to promote women empowerment, to talk and spread awareness on many issues like discrimination against women, rape, acid attacks in unrequited love, feticide. 

Women's Equality Day Quotes 2021
  • “Being a woman is not easy in any sense, you have to fight for your rights first and then prove that you are right.”
  • “In our country, a woman has been described as an incarnation of the Mother Goddess, in Sanskrit it is said ‘Yatra Naryastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Devatah’.
  • “Educating a woman in a house means being educated for a generation.” 
  • “Some people say that a woman has no home, it should be said that without a woman there is no home.” 
  • “The celebration on the birth of a son is fine, but as long as there is sadness on the birth of a daughter, nothing will change in the society.” 
  • “Every country has two wings, one female and the other male, the progress of the country cannot be achieved by flying with one wing.”
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