World Gratitude Day 2023: Why is World Gratitude Day celebrated? How to express gratitude to people?

World Gratitude Day 2021 Quotes, Celebration, Activities, Benefits
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World Gratitude Day 2023: Many such people come and go in our lives.  Some people leave their mark on our hearts.  Gratitude Day is celebrated on 21st September in the world so that we can express gratitude. 

  • This tradition started from 1966 
  • Can celebrate World Gratitude Day privately or institutionally 
  • It is very important to express gratitude to those around you 

Although the corona epidemic has engulfed the whole world and every other person seems troubled due to some reason or the other.  But we should also thank God for all the things that we have achieved in this difficult time.  

Today is ‘World Gratitude Day 2023’.  This day gives us an opportunity to express our gratitude to all those people who have contributed in decorating our lives.  World Gratitude Day can be celebrated both personally and institutionally.  Everyone wants his work to be praised.  In such a situation, there cannot be a better day than World Gratitude Day. 

Why celebrate World Gratitude Day?

The thing is some year 1965.  A group gathered internationally in the US state of Hawaii.  There it was proposed that every year a day should be kept when people can express their gratitude for the good deeds of each other, they can say thanks to their loved ones.  For this the day of 21st September was chosen. 

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When these people went back to their respective countries, from the year 1966, 21 September started celebrating World Gratitude Day 2023.  After that the number of people celebrating it increased very fast and today crores of people in the world celebrate it on 21st September.  The main reason for celebrating it is to bring the entire global community together.  Every person in this world wants someone to praise his work. 

How to express gratitude to people?

There are hundreds of ways to praise and express gratitude to someone.  We can express our gratitude to our relatives, parents, friends and many more people who walk with us every moment in our life. 

  • We often keep pets at home.  He is our source of entertainment as well as guards our house.  We can express our gratitude to him on September 21 by spending a few moments with him and playing. 
  • We should also say thanks to the environment from where we get pure air.  We can express our gratitude to the environment by planting trees. 
  • The best way to express gratitude to your family is to sit down to eat and drink with them and share your experiences with them. 
  • It would be best to spend time with people who have played an important role in your life and thank them. 
  • You can start a gratitude journal at home.  It will be a great experience for the coming generation as well. 
  • To show your gratitude to God, you can spend time with people who are troubled or people who have little happiness in their bag.  An orphanage or old age home is the best place for this. 

What are the benefits of celebrating World Gratitude Day?

Robert Emmons, the world’s largest researcher on gratitude and thanks, believes that every human being wants people to praise and thank him in return for his work and hard work.  Robert explains that when you express gratitude to someone, that person is free from mental stress.  He gets good sleep as well as he stays away from physical problems. 

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Because of these reasons, he rarely goes to the doctor.  By showing gratitude, self-confidence comes in man.  You must also express gratitude to all your loved ones on this day and also wish them well. 

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World Gratitude Day Quotes in English

World Gratitude Day Quotes in English
  • O God, thank you… for giving me sorrow, trouble, risk and challenges in life, because I have learned most of my life in such situations. 
  • Thank you to those friends because of whom we always have a big smile on our face. 
  • Do something today so that tomorrow you can thank yourself for that work. 
  • We are ungrateful to our parents for our lives but we are ungrateful to a teacher for a good personality. 
  • When life gives a second chance, say thank you to God 
  • I was a piece of glass, you made a diamond, how to thank you who taught me to live. 
  • When you help a poor person, he wishes you a bright future.  This is also a way of saying thank you. 
  • Thank you for your loyalty, thank you for your every wish, thank you for this feeling of your love, and thank you for this beautiful companion…
  • Be sure to thank yourself for every smile and every happy moment you spend in life, because every happiness and every smile depends on your thinking, how you think. 
  • Every person should give thanks for the mistakes he has made in his life.

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