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Last Updated on 25 March 2024 IST: Today we are going to share info about World Health Day 2024 such as why World Health Day is celebrated, best quotes and slogans of it for sharing, healthy life habits and styles and more, keep reading.

World Health Day 2024: 8 healthy habits you must follow for a long healthy life.

World Health Day 2024: The World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April every year. We often tend to take our health for granted and think our body is going to stay the same all our lives.

We tend to not follow a healthy lifestyle & diet and invite various lifestyle diseases like heart problems, diabetes, sugar, and others into our body. It is important to realize that curing these diseases is almost impossible and we should take care of our bodies to have a healthy, happy and long life.

It is surprising to know that very short changes that we bring in our routine, diet, or everyday choices can have such an incredible impact on our healthy life and body.


Once you make some changes and see its effects, you’ll not want to go back to your old ways because of how good and happy you feel. This World Health Day 2024, change your habits to these healthy ones to have a happy healthy and long life.

Brush your teeth at night everyday

All of us brush our teeth only in the morning to avoid bad breath and pay little attention to taking care of oral hygiene to have shiny, healthy teeth, gums and mouth. Brushing your teeth twice (day & night) after dinner at night is an important activity that we must not avoid to laziness. Get up, brush your teeth and have a good night’s sleep. This will help you avoid cavities, oral, toothache, and problems like pyorrhea. it is world health day initiative

Wash your feet after a long day

Since childhood, we must follow an rule like washing our hands before we eat and washing our feet before we sleep. Entire the day, our feet go through dust, germs in our shoes, and other impurities that the skin should not be subjected to. If we take our dirty feet to bed, we may let any infectious germs grow. So you must take a minute and wash your feet before you hit the bed. World Health Day awarness

Quit smoking on World Health Day 2024

You must have heard this a lot of times if you smoke, the you will die earlier to time period (human life time period is around 60 to 80 years) . Smoking has serious health risks due to smoking more then 480,000 people die every year in the entire world, according to WHO (world health organization) report. Smoking is also courses of mental health issues to lung, throat and mouth cancer. Not just you, your family around you who inhales the smoke from your cigarette passively may also be subjected to these health risks.

Stop skipping breakfast on this world health day.

When you do not eat for too long, you may find yourself really lazy and tired, and eventually, your body will become weak and vulnerable to diseases. You must eat all your meals properly on a daily basis , and try to include healthy food in them to stay fit.

Do not avoiding the doctor

Everyone thinks they know and understand their body way too well and when they start to show symptoms of a disease, they believe in self-diagnosis and home remedies. While doing this for less serious problems like a cough or cold is fine, if the problems last for a few days and if you experience any other problems along with them, it is important that you should see a doctor and get proper treatment before it is late or delay. World Health Day 2024 teaches.

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Hydrate your body every time on this World Health day

Hydration is very important to keep your weight regulated and keep your body functions running smoothly. You will be surprised to know that just keeping your body hydrated can keep diabetes at bay, keep your heart healthy by taking healthy and proper diet and increase the longevity of your life.

Avoid packaged food (Fast Foods) For a Healthy Life.

In the age of today when we are so busy with our work and our lives, we tend to rely a lot on packaged foods (like chips, noodles ETC.). It is ‘Ready to eat’ meals and cereals from a box sound good for our lazy and over-worked bodies,

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but are in lots of facts that harming us more than we know. All such foods are processed and have preservatives added, which can harm our health in the long run. Try to stick to natural and healthy food products as much as possible and avoid eating packaged food and fast foods.

World Health Day Theme 2024

World Health Day 2024 will focus on the theme, ‘My health, my right,’ marking the 76th anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO). World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7 April, under the auspices of WHO and other related organizations.

World Health Day 2024 inspiration English Quotes

If we will follow healthy diet, then we will not victim of diseases.

World Health Day 2024

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you

World Health Day 2024

Meditation is the simplest way of healthy life.

World Health day.

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health – Dalai Lama

Do mediation and exercise daily

If you want to become stress- free life till last breath, then you should do meditation and exercise daily basis. Because mediation and exercise is the simplest way too long life. What is the right way of meditation to know completely click here? world health day.

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