World Malaria Day 2024: Why World Malaria Day is Celebrated? Know its Quotes, Theme , History and Facts

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Last Updated on 11 April 2024 IST | Today we are going to share info about World Malaria Day 2024 which is celebrated on 25 April every year around the World. know its Quotes, Theme , History and Facts

World Malaria Day 2024 Date

World Malaria Day is celebrated 25th April every year whole over the world.

Survey: According to WHO (World Health Organization) state nearly half of the world’s population is at risk of malaria, and 70% of all malaria deaths are to children under 5 age group.

How can we cure MALARIA forever?

World Malaria Day: Malaria is one of the most famous diseases in the history of the whole world. And it’s consistently one of the deadliest being eradicated in many parts of the entire world. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) survey, thousands of people die due to malaria every year in 2018, malaria deaths reached around 435,000.

  • We have 2 alternatives to cure malaria disease, first is bio scientific and second one is spirituality, first we talking about bio scientific remedies: If you want to cure or beat the malaria disease with the help of bioscience, then you should take a combination of advanced medication and treatments, and also prevention of mosquito bites.
  • Now we talking about spirituality, in my opinion, spirituality is the best way to cure any types of dangerous disease like cancer (world cancer day: fresh news India), diabetes, HIV Aids, even malaria also. The right way to cure these diseases is that first you should initiation from a complete saint (Spiritual leader Sant Rampal Ji).
  • After that should do the devotion of supreme and almighty Lord Kabir sahib, to know more read the holy book Gyan Ganga we have also read this holy book, there are may inspiring example or story mention in this book for the larger global fight to end malaria on this World Malaria Day 2024.

World Malaria Day Theme 2024

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World Malaria Day is celebrated with a new theme every year. The theme for World Malaria Day 2024 is “Health Equity, Gender and Human Rights.

Facts about World Malaria Day

Facts: Most cases of malaria are found in low-income countries like South Africa under-equipped to prevent and treat Malaria disease.

History of World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day was established in May 2007 by the 60th session of the World Health Assembly, WHO’s a decision-making body. The day was established to provide “education and understanding of malaria” including community-based activities for malaria prevention and treatment in endemic areas. Prior to the establishment of WMD, Africa Malaria Day was held on April 25. Africa Malaria Day began in 2001.

How does MALARIA Spread?

Malaria is spread through the smallest of hosts, like mosquitoes. Malaria is transmitted through mosquito bites when mosquito bites any person then mosquito’s saliva enter into a person’s bloodstream. After that Within a week or two weeks, an infection becomes very noticeable. Symptoms develop in the form of like: fever, headaches, and vomiting. In the most serious of cases, malaria can lead to yellow fever, coma, and even death.

The malaria disease is most prevalent in tropical regions and humid climates, mostly sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. High temperatures and rainfall that leaves standing bodies of water create an environment favorable to mosquito breeding: World Malaria Day.

World Malaria Day dedicated Video: Credit: Occence Media.

Do you know this fact that Malaria is a major killer of children under five years age group, taking the life of a child every two minutes, in low-income countries best example of low- income country is South Africa, where is a child bitten by an mosquito carrying a malaria parasite often doesn’t have access to the proper health treatment.

World Malaria Day 2024 Poster

World Malaria Day Poster, World Malaria Day 2019 Poster, theme, picture, images, photo, quotes
World Malaria Day Poster

Treatment & Prevention of Malaria: World Malaria Day.

Antimalarial medications have been available for years to treat those infected with malaria disease. Traditionally, those with malaria who are properly treated can expect a full recovery. According to a survey mosquito bites occur while a person is sleeping, insecticide-treated mosquito nets are a cost-effective method for protecting millions of children and their families:

Read More about World Health Day by Fresh News India.

Insecticide-treated bed nets offer 70% more protection oversleeping without a net and are twice as effective as using an untreated net.2 A mother holds a baby while sitting on a bed underneath a malaria bed net

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the majority of households in malaria-prevalent regions currently possess only one net only.

The WHO (World Health Organization) views one net for every two people as the standard for sufficient coverage. Taking that benchmark into account, there is a shortage of nets in low- and middle-income countries like South Africa & India with only just 43% of people having adequate protection.

World Malaria Day Quotes

There are more people dying of malaria than any specific cancer: Bill Gates

If we save people from HIV AIDS, if we save them from malaria disease, it means they can form the base of production for our economy and country.

The malaria parasite has been killing children and sapping the strength of populations for tens of thousands of years. It is impossible to calculate the harm malaria has done to the world.

Quotation of by Bill Gates

Pneumonia is a disease that often flies under the radar of not just the public but even the global health community. It kills more children under the age group of 5 years old every year than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined.

Americans spend more money on Botox, face lifts and tummy tucks than on the age-old scourges of polio, smallpox, and malaria.

For Africa to move forward, you’ve really got to get rid of malaria.

World Malaria Day Inspirational Quotes

Most of the villagers were hiding in the bush, where they were dying from bad water, malaria & malnutrition.

Conclusion of World Malaria Day

There are many people in the entire world, who suffer from many types of diseases like Cancer, HIV Aids, etc. The conclusion World Malaria Day of Fresh news India Blog, is that only Almighty God Kabir Can cure these types of diseases forever.

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