What is the Aim & History of World Photography Day?

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In today’s era, photography is becoming a hobby and passion of people because the camera has reached every house, not only expensive digital cameras but also smartphones can click great pictures. Photography is being appreciated globally for the last decade, although its history is old, the global photo gallery was started in the year 2010 on the day of World Photography Day, where more than 250 photographers have participated in this amazing art. More than 100 countries visited the online gallery. know the World Photography Day: History, Theme, Quotes, Types of Photography.

Photography is a wonderful art in many ways, even in general, life without photographs is very dull.  It is not possible to capture 100 percent of a scene or a special moment in the eyes, but through this art, the moments can be cherished, which is why there is an emphasis on celebrating this day, those who make a career in this field.  And those interested are encouraged. 

Purpose/ Aim of celebrating World Photography Day

The purpose of celebrating World Photography Day is to inspire people towards the beauty of photography, remember those who contributed in this field and explain its importance to the new generation, to celebrate World Photography Day.  A theme is set for each year. 

World Photography Day 2022 Theme

World Photography Day 2021 Theme

Talking about the theme of Word Photography Day of the last four years, in 2020, ‘Pandemic Lockdown through the lens’, before that in 2019 ‘Dedicated to History’, the theme of 2018 is ‘Good. Be Nice’, 2017’s theme was ‘Understanding Clouds’, based on which photographers from around the world share their clicked photos with special messages. The theme of World Photography Day 2022 has not been revealed yet. Let us celebrate and honour the day by sharing hashtags like #photographyday; #photographyweek; #Worldphotographyday, and more on social media to spread the word. 

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In today’s era of cutting-edge cameras, crores of pictures are shared on social media in a few hours, it is also a wonderful experience to see them.  World Photography Day is important for professional photographers as their photographs are likely to get a bigger platform.  Photographers coming from different countries have different perspectives, due to which the image of culture, science, technology, skill, specialty, spirituality etc. of different countries comes in front of the people. 

History of  World Photography Day

World Photography Day History

Great contribution of photography in life. In 1839, the first French scientists Louis Jacques and Mende Daguerre claimed to have discovered the photo element.  The negative-positive process was discovered by British scientist William Henry Foxtail Bott.  In 1834, Tailbot invented light-sensitive paper, which made it possible to keep the drawn picture permanently. 

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The French scientist Argo prepared a report for the French Academy of Science on 7 January 1839.  The French government bought this process report and declared it free for the general public on 19 August 1939.  This is the reason why World Photography Day is celebrated on 19th August. 

Save Beautiful moments in Memories on World Photography Day

In this world, nature has given a camera to every creature with birth as well, through which it marks the image of every thing in the world in its mind.  That camera is his eye.  Seen from this point of view, every creature is a photographer. 

Save beautiful moments in memory
  • Along with scientific progress, man started increasing his means and along with many inventions, artificial lens was also invented.  As time progressed, he tried to permanently save the image obtained from this lens.  We now celebrate the success day of this effort as World Photography Day.
  • While the invention of photography brought the world closer to each other, it has also helped a lot in getting to know each other, understanding their culture and enriching history.  Today we get pictorial information about the life of an island located in a remote corner of the world very easily, so the contribution of photography cannot be reduced in this.
  • Along with scientific and technological success, photography has also progressed a lot today.  Today a person has such tools in which it is only late to press the button and within minutes the best picture is in his hands.  But only good tools can guarantee to get a good picture, so why would humans use the brain?
  • No matter how technology progresses, the brain works somewhere behind it.  This difference makes man superior among other creatures.  Even in photography a good mind is necessary to get a good picture.
  • The first condition of getting a good photo is the selection of light and shadow, camera position, right exposure and the right subject.  This is the reason that today even after having a camera in everyone’s house, good photographers are counted. 

World Photography Day Celebrating

World Photography Day is celebrated every year on 19 August. Many facts are said about the camera and the pictures, it is also said that the camera was invented in the tenth century itself, but it took time to make the pictures of the big camera in size, while there were problems in saving.  In the future also, the efforts to make cameras continued. 

World Photography Day Celebrating 2021

The Daguerreotype process was started by Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce of France in 1837, it is considered the world’s first photography process, 2 years later the French Academy of Science did the Daguerreotype process  The official announcement was made, on 19 August 1839, the French government had bought this patent. 

Video Credit: Sony India

This process was named dogrotype after the name of Louis Douger, gradually photographic studios began to open in the capital city of France besides Paris, but there is still a great need to encourage this art. 

The World’s first Selfie was Taken in 1839

It is said that America’s photo lover Robert Cornelius was the person who clicked the world’s first selfie.  He did this in the year 1839.  Although at that time he did not know that such a photo click would be known as selfie in future.  This photograph is still available in print today at the United States Library of Congress. 

First Global Online Gallery on World Photography Day

First global online gallery

The first global online gallery was hosted on 19 August 2010.  This day was historic for photography enthusiasts or professional photographers, because even though it was the first ever online gallery, on this day more than 250 photographers shared their thoughts through photographs and people from more than 100 countries.  visited the website. 

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How Many Types of Photography?

How many types of Photography

Those who are interested in photography field can see their bright future in it because the art of photographers in the field of art from commercial fields represent any project or subject in the best way. Career can be made in Wildlife Photography, Landscape Photography, Wedding Photography, Fashion Photography, Portrait Photography, Event Photography etc. 

World Photography Day 2022 Quotes 

In the month of August, photographers from all over the world share the special pictures clicked by them on social media, on August 19, World Photography Day is celebrated to honor many photographers. Send photographers a message on World Photography Day with these special ideas. 

World Photography Day Quote's 2021
  • “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”~Robert Frank
  • “Beauty can be seen in all things sewing and creating beauty | shows your imagination Which you capture in pictures.|| ~ World Photography Day
  • “A photographer can gift the happiest moment of one’s life to him/her forever, as the saying goes, picture says a lot.” ~World Photography Day
  • “There is a book in your heart, When I will turn its pages, those beautiful moments with you, Will not come back but will see in the pictures.”
  • “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”
  • “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

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