World Rivers Day 2023: History, Significance, Theme, FAQ’s, Quotes and Messages

World Rivers Day 2022 Theme, History, Significance, Quotes
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World Rivers Day 2023: This day is celebrated every year on 26 September all over the world.  This time it will be celebrated on Sunday 26 September 2023.  The purpose of this day is to reduce the increasing water pollution in the rivers.  Because river is an integral part of our life, on which animals, animals, trees and plants depend.  In such a situation, if you want to know in detail about World River Day, then stay till the end of the post. 

History of World Rivers Day

World Rivers Day History

Let us tell you that in 2005, the United Nations declared Water for Life Decade (World River Day) by all countries to take care of water resources or to make people aware of water.  Since then, International River Day is celebrated every year on 26 September

The proposal for this day was placed under Marc Angelo in response.  Apart from this, Canadians in British Columbia celebrate “British Columbia River Day”.  Which is celebrated as the famous rivers of North America.  In today’s time, water pollution is spreading so much in almost all the places.  Due to which many people are getting sick or many types of diseases are arising. 

Water Pollution a Major Issue in the World

In such a situation, it is very important to stop water pollution.  For your information, let me tell you that the Ganges river is a holy river in the country of India, but water pollution is spreading so much here.  Because in this river the dirty water, garbage etc. of many cities of the country come in this river.  Due to which this river has become completely polluted. 

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You all would know that a few days ago, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, had started the Ganga river cleaning campaign.  In which this river has been cleaned in many places but it has become contaminated again.  This means that unless we common people pay attention to the fact that water pollution should be stopped from spreading.  So water pollution should decline in the coming years. 

Significance of World Rivers Day

Not only in the country but everywhere, the water of rivers is becoming very polluted.  And due to this change is also happening in the climate, due to which many types of diseases are arising.  In such a situation, gradually the water of the rivers is drying up.  The importance of World River Day is to prevent contamination of the water of all those rivers. 

World Rivers Day Theme 2023

This year the theme of World Rivers Day 2023 is – “Rights of Rivers“.  You all must know that life on this earth is impossible without water.  In today’s time there is 71% water on the earth but 97.3 percent of this water is not potable because it is salt water.  Because of this you are facing a lot of water problem. 

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For this reason, World Rivers Day 2023 gives this message to all the people of the world that as much as possible, save water from being contaminated.  Because there is no life without water.  If there is water, there is life.  I would like to tell everyone that you should also become aware of World River Day and save rivers, lakes, ponds, canals etc. from getting contaminated.
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Some interesting facts on International Rivers Day

  • Rivers are under our lifeline.  Because rivers give us life, without them human life cannot be imagined.  For this reason the rivers have been called protected. 
  • Even a huge ocean cannot fulfill the need, which a small river can do.  For this reason, it is necessary to save the pollution of rivers for a better life. 
  • Let’s all take a step together for the protection of rivers, if the river is safe then we are all safe – Happy World River Day 2023
  • River is the present of all of us and our future is also to come.  Let us all take our respective steps in the direction of preserving the rivers together.  Greetings on International River Day. 

FAQ’s about World Rivers Day

World Rivers Day FAQ's
Question: When is World River Day?

Answer:- On 26 September 2023

Question: When is World River Day celebrated every year?

Answer:- Every year 26 September is celebrated all over the world. 

Question: When did the World River Day start?

Answer:- In the year 2005

Question: What is the theme of World River Day 2023? 

Answer:- The importance of Rivers to Biodiversity

World Rivers Day Messages and Quotes

  • God created rivers to give human life.  If there are rivers, there is life on earth.  We have to preserve them. 
  • World River Day reminds us that it is our responsibility to save rivers.  We should not pollute it and should fulfill our responsibility towards its conservation. 
  • Rivers are our present and they are our future.  Due to pollution of rivers, not only aquatic life but our life can also be in danger.  Let us together take steps towards conserving rivers. 
  • Rivers are like our lifeline.  Rivers give us life.  Without them human life cannot be imagined.  So rivers should be protected. 
  • Even a vast ocean cannot satisfy what a river can.  Rivers need to be protected and protected from pollution for a better life.

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